Pre-Tax Accounts.

Manage your Pre-Tax, COBRA, and retiree billing benefits in one place, and enable employees to save for medical events, commuting cost, and dependent care.

No-nonsense account.

Using ThrivePass, employees gain access to Pre-Tax smart accounts they can access and manage via web or mobile device. Stackable and smart, our debit cards make using a Pre-Tax account as easy as opening your wallet.

Under one roof.

Using ThrivePass, employees can get a quick overview of balances and recent transactions for each Pre-Tax account. For everything else they'll use our proprietary Single Sign-On (SSO) to our Pre-Tax web app. Employees can also use the ThrivePass Pre-Tax app available on iOS or Android devices.

More than a mere app.

  • Personalized recommendations guide employees through their healthcare journey.
  • Real-time insights give employees accurate data the moment they need it.
  • Easy to navigate in a simple and intuitive employee experience.
  • A blazing fast registration flow.
  • Secured with biometric verification.

A one-stop-shop for employees.

  • Review account balances and transactions history.
  • Submit claims and upload supporting documentation.
  • Pay bills and request reimbursements.
  • View and manage debit cards (with PINs).
  • Manage communication and reimbursement settings.

Smart opportunities, smart spending.

  • When employees add prescriptions to the medicine cabinet, they'll receive notifications about ways to save on prescription drugs with their GoodbueRx card, other pharmacies, or generic options.
  • Employees can also switch to direct deposit, add receipts to transactions, view their spending on chronic conditions, and add insurance carriers to compare in - and out-of-network providers.

Real time data, as needed.

  • Predictive analytics for spending on 20 of the most common chronic conditions.
  • Determines in-network providers and procedures with and employee's medical plan data.
  • Search by quality ratings and available procedures.
  • Pharmacy discounts accessible through a digital wallet.
  • Prescription savings searchable based on location, as is the employee's preferred pharmacy.
  • Generic drugs recommended, when applicable.

Our philosophy of service.

With over three decades of experience and backed by state-of-the-art technologies, we know how to support the employee benefits journey by helping to enroll, engage, and transition.
We're your partner for the long haul.

Many of our clients have stuck with us for years, and there's a method behind the madness: we evolve with you.

Each client is assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager who gets to know the nitty-gritty of your business. Their chief responsibility is to ensure that processes run smoothly and that employees, both current and former, enjoy a world-class experience.

We're tech-first.

ThrivePass is first and foremost a technology company. We solve challenges with technology rather than error prone, manual processes. Our technologies seek to make managing and using benefits as simple as possible.

We know the employee experience matters.

Throughout the plan year, we educate members without burdening them with administrative minutiae. Communication comes personalized, its contents written in plain English.

Minimizing confusion by making enrollment and Pre-Tax account management simple. We also offer an array of self-service tools users can access on a web browser or iOS or Android devices.

We're on top of things.

Our top priority is every employer's complete satisfaction throughout their customer journey. Implementations, renewals, and anything in between—we're committed to providing outstanding service and administration.

Want to help your employees thrive?