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Transform Your PEO Benefits Administration

Simplify, enhance, and elevate your PEO's benefits experience with our integrated technology solutions tailored for maximum efficiency and employee wellness.

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What We Do for PEOs

At ThrivePass, we understand the unique challenges PEOs face in managing and offering comprehensive benefits solutions. Our offerings are designed to address these challenges head-on, providing seamless, efficient, and scalable solutions.

Integrated Technology Solutions

We provide a unified technology platform that simplifies the management of benefits and wellness programs, allowing PEOs to focus on their strategic goals while enhancing the employee experience.

Specialized COBRA Administration

ThrivePass offers a streamlined COBRA compliance solution, meticulously designed to reduce the administrative burden and seamlessly integrate with your brand, ensuring a consistent experience for your clients.

Strategic Benefits Optimization

With our expert guidance and tools, we empower PEOs to navigate health plan changes confidently, optimizing for cost savings, compliance, and improved plan selections for both the PEO and their client employees.

Comprehensive Benefits Suite

Our extensive range of benefits solutions, including COBRA, pre-tax accounts, and lifestyle spending accounts, is integrated with leading platforms like PrismHR, providing a one-stop solution for all benefits needs.

Expert Implementation Support

ThrivePass specializes in overcoming the complexities of implementing new solutions, particularly in scenarios involving mid-year changes, multiple products, or multi-instance setups.

Enhanced Benefits Offering

We enable PEOs to offer a diverse and robust benefits package, elevating their market position.

How We Do It

Automating and Integrating for Efficiency

By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we automate the complexities of benefits management, integrating these processes into a streamlined platform that saves time and reduces manual workload.

Seamless Brand Integration

Our services, including COBRA administration, are designed to operate under your brand, providing a seamless extension of your services that maintains the highest levels of compliance and efficiency.

Data-Driven Decision Support

Utilizing our proprietary COBRA Decision Enablement tool, we offer PEOs strategic, data-informed insights to guide health plan transitions, ensuring optimal outcomes for all stakeholders.

Integration with PrismHR

Our deep integration with PrismHR and other leading platforms ensures a smooth, cohesive management experience across all benefits offerings, enhancing operational efficiency and user experience.

Targeted Expertise for Complex Implementations

We deploy our specialized expertise and dedicated resources to navigate the intricacies of solution implementation, ensuring a successful and efficient rollout tailored to each PEO’s needs.

Delivering a Comprehensive Benefits Package

Through our extensive suite of integrated benefits solutions, we support PEOs in enhancing their service offerings, making them more competitive and increasing client satisfaction.