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The ThrivePass Brand Promise

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An employer’s complete satisfaction with our end-to-end customer journey is our number one priority. From implementation to renewal, and all the administrative support in between, we are committed to exceeding your expectations.
We promise to support a great Brand Promise by delivering results in three areas:
  1. Easy implementation
    1. We will provide transparency and visibility into the implementation process.
    2. We will work collaboratively to define a mutual implementation timeline that meets your needs.
    3. We will provide access to our ThrivePass Link technology to help reduce administrative burden and costs associated with electronic file interfaces.
  2. Outstanding Service and Administration
    1. We will provide a single point of contact to maintain your relationship, while still providing access to our entire team to ensure we meet your needs.
    2. We will take ownership and make our best efforts to notify you of issues proactively.
    3. We will listen to your feedback: Net Promoter Scores will be collected twice per year and Quality Partner Reviews be set on a cadence to meet your needs.
  3. Hassle-Free Renewals
    1. We will ensure you enjoy a renewal process with as much dedication as your implementation process.
    2. We will provide transparent and proactive communication in regard to renewal processes and timelines.
    3. We promise that you will never pay a renewal fee.
If you believe that we have failed to meet our promises around Easy Implementation, Outstanding Service and Administration, or Hassle-Free Renewal, ThrivePass will provide the following remedies, provided that you give written notice describing the incidents through our Brand Promise Feedback Portal:
  1. Your Relationship Manager will initiate a structured review process to coordinate a thorough investigation of the cause of the event and present an improvement plan to remedy the immediate issue and to help prevent similar issues from happening in the future.
  2. You will have access to Senior Leadership during this time. If necessary, you will even be able to escalate your issue to a member of our C-Suite.
  3. Depending on the affected customer experience, you may be entitled to one of the following:
    1. A one-month administrative fee credit for the affected implementation. Or,
    2. A full refund in administrative fees for the affected administrative service and service period. (This period will be outlined in the mutually agreed upon action plan and typically covers the time from initial notice to the time that the issue has been solved). Or,
    3. A one-month administrative fee credit for the affected renewal term.
  4. If during this process, both ThrivePass and you have made best faith efforts to communicate, improve the working relationship, and reach mutually beneficial solutions, yet both parties agree that the commitments of the improvement plan have not been successfully achieved, ThrivePass will support your transition to a new vendor and allow you to terminate your contract provided that:
    1. All accounts are paid current, prior to engaging in the structured improvement process.
    2. You have not otherwise breached the MSA or applicable SOWs.
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