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Step 1: Foundation

The foundation of the Benefits Suite ensures compliance, security transparency, personalization and automation of your administration. Backed by over 30 years of experience, our tech-first approach brings fresh ideas to perennial issues

SOC 2 Compliance Badge
HIPAA, SOC 2 & GDPR Compliant

We understand the critical importance of data security and privacy. We are proud to be HIPAA, SOC 2, and GDPR compliant, ensuring that our clients' sensitive information is handled with the utmost care and in accordance with the highest industry standards.

GDPR Compliance Badge
Global Compliance

Our compliance framework guarantees that our clients’ data is safeguarded regardless of their location, providing peace of mind and reinforcing our dedication to data integrity and privacy.

Single Sign On (SSO)

SSO makes access seamless and secure for you and your employees.

Data Automation

Data integrity and transparency can be a challenge across the benefits industry. With our exclusive ThrivePass Link middleware technology, data transmission and file management is made simple by pre-editing and monitoring employee and enrollment data prior to moving it into production significantly alleviating the administrative burden, while also ensuring data integrity.


No more wondering where you stand in the onboarding process. Each client works with a dedicated Implementation Manager and has full transparency throughout the entire implementation project.

Custom Service Module

Each client has a personalized service model with direct contacts for support, including a dedicated relationship manager and product experts to answer technical questions as needed.

Brand Promise

With our brand promise, we stay true to our commitments, to our clients and partners.


Step 2: Engagement

Drive engagement by customizing your Benefits Suite. Utilize the entire Benefits Suite and or choose the products that work for you!

Thrive Account, Lifestyle Spending Account

Lifestyle benefits are no longer just physical wellbeing. With our exclusive Thrive Account, your employees choose what is most meaningful to them and meet them where they’re at - whether it comes to physical, emotional, or financial wellbeing, family support, or other lifestyle benefits

Service Recognition & Rewards

Gift funds directly to employees when they hit a work anniversary or milestone. Set up a peer-to-peer or manager-to-employee gifting program for your workforce. Addition to the Thrive Account.

Pre-Tax Accounts

FSA, HSA, HRA, and Commuter benefits—whatever the plan type, employees can access pre-tax smart accounts on the ThrivePass portal or mobile app. Our stackable debit cards make using a pre-tax account as easy as opening your wallet.

Tuition Reimbursement

ThrivePass Tuition Reimbursement is a digital platform that makes managing educational assistance programs easy for you and your employees. We bring approval, substantiation, and reimbursement under one roof and we’ll even verify the approvals for you.

Company Swag

Boost morale within your workforce by providing customized products that employees can choose from. ThrivePass will drop ship all items, meaning no inventory for you to manage, and you're only charged for ordered products.


Step 3: Transition

Make employee transitions easier with products that provide options, management, and cost savings for you and your employees.

COBRA Administration

ThrivePass can help provide you with a customized solution that handles the complexities of your plan while also ensuring full compliance with COBRA regulations, sending accurate and timely notifications to participants and benefit providers.

COBRA Decision Enablement

ThrivePass offers a guided Decision Enablement tool that provides a personalized recommendation to the benefit plan that best suits an individual’s needs/situation, including support to navigate and enroll, while also directly comparing BOTH their COBRA plan AND those recommended Marketplace plan options side-by-side all within a single, integrated portal.

Direct Billing

ThrivePass can also retirees, LOA employees, or active employees with group voluntary benefits. Services range from full notification of 
continuation options to strictly billing and collecting payments once an individual has enrolled.

See your benefits at work.

With solutions for perks and benefits programs, pre-tax accounts and performance rewards, ThrivePass helps employees thrive so that your organization does, too.