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The ThrivePass Vaccine Verification Solution is here.

Our innovative solution is a digital and HIPAA secured platform that allows you to easily track COVID-19 vaccinations and testing results for your workforce.
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About Us

ThriveHR is a podcast for HR professionals to lean into the world of employee benefits. Our goal is to provide listeners with the industry's latest, best practices, and to cultivate a community within this space.



August 15, 2022

Peggy Shell

Hiring Methodology

Andreas is joined by Peggy Shell, Founder and CEO of Creative Alignments. They discuss the benefits of a non-traditional recruiting model, The Great Upgrade, and hiring methodology. They also speak about diversity, equity, and inclusion and the important role it plays in the workplace.




August 9, 2022

Nick Patel

Creative Employee Benefit Plans

Andreas sits down with Nick Patel, Founder and CEO OF Wellable. The two discuss the changing landscape of employee wellness in the digital age and the importance of creative employee benefit plans. They also talk about the steps Wellable has taken to lead intentional thought leadership in the market.




August 4, 2022

Bryan Martin

Employee Initiatives That Create Successful Teams

Andreas is with Bryan Martin, Senior HR Business Partner at Elevance Health. Byran and Andreas talk about creating and implementing employee initiatives to create and sustain successful teams.


About the Host

About the Host

Andreas Deptolla is a passionate entrepreneur who is dedicated to innovating the world of employee benefits. In 2013, he co-founded Wishlist Rewards, an employee recognition company. In 2014, he co- founded Wishlist’s sister company, ThrivePass, where he currently serves as CEO. ThrivePass is a technology company with a mission to evolve employee wellbeing from on-boarding to off-boarding. He’s also the host of The PEO Podcast, a show that brings together thought leaders in the PEO space to discuss the industry's latest.

In addition to his roles at ThrivePass, Andreas sits on the boards for Apogee Entertainment, National Association of Professional Benefits Administrators (NAPBA), and Entrepreneurs' Organization US West. He holds an MBA from Tuck Business School of Dartmouth College as well as IE Business School.

Andreas resides in Boulder, CO with his wife and two children. In his free time, you can find him hiking, skiing, and enjoying the outdoors.