Wellable, ThrivePass Launch Partnership

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Wellable, a leading employee wellness technology and services provider, is partnering with ThrivePass, the innovator of the Thrive Account, formerly known as the Wellness Savings Account (WSA). The bilateral partnership will give Wellable access to enhanced reward options and provide ThrivePass with a wellness technology platform to track healthy behaviors.

Wellable will now be able to offer its employer and health plan customers the opportunity to reward wellness program participants with Thrive Account contributions, which will allow recipients to use the funds to purchase goods and services for their well-being and reinvest in their health. The Thrive Account also includes access to the ThrivePass marketplace, which is full of discounted activities and items.

“We are so glad to be partnering with a platform that has such a strong track record in delivering innovative solutions to the market,” said Nick Patel, President of Wellable. “Our clients are looking for ways to ensure that the financial incentives they provide for wellness program participation continue to impact individual health, and the Thrive Account allows us to address this need.”

For their clients looking to reward employees for healthy behaviors, ThrivePass will be able to provide them with Wellable’s technology platform to develop and administer a wellness program tied to their health account contributions. Wellness program participants will be able to easily track their activity through integrations with leading apps and devices, as well as earn incentives for engaging in holistic wellness modules.

“It is very exciting to continue enhancing the benefit offering we’re able to provide to our clients,” added Andreas Deptolla, CEO of ThrivePass. “Wellable solidifies our commitment to well-being as a core component of the employee experience. Their tracking software will provide the underlying strategy for companies to invest in employee health through the ThrivePass ecosystem.”

About Wellable

Wellable operates next-generation wellness challenges and health content technology platforms and complements these solutions with on-site and virtual services, such as fitness classes, seminars, health coaching, and more. The technology's flexibility allows organizations to customize and configure a program to meet their needs and objectives while providing a rich experience for end-users. Wellable works with employers and health plans of all sizes and has active users in more than 23 different countries. Visit Wellable online at https://www.wellable.co.

About ThrivePass

ThrivePass is a holistic employee benefits company. Its Benefits Suite is an all-encompassing platform dedicated to the entire employee lifecycle. Its new benefits administration system enables employers to manage and employees to enroll in benefits, while the Thrive Account and tuition reimbursement apps keep employees engaged and healthy during their tenure. From high-growth technology companies to Fortune 500, ThrivePass partners with employers of all stripes to craft personalized and meaningful employee experiences.