ThrivePass Announces Learning and Development Account

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Program automates processes and aids in recruitment efforts for ThrivePass clients

DENVER, Colo. - Denver-based well-being company ThrivePass announces its new Learning and Development Account, the latest addition to the ThrivePass suite of solutions that includes well-being programs, pre-tax benefits, and performance rewards that help employees thrive. The new program supports personal as well as professional education and training programs. A unique aspect of program is that it also applies to well-being classes.

The ThrivePass Learning and Development Account is designed to streamline processes, help with recruiting and retention efforts, and track engagement activities for ThrivePass clients. Red tape and paperwork normally associated with employee education programs are eliminated, as the Learning and Development Account operates instantly and electronically.

In her new role, Reilly is responsible for developing, educating and consulting ThrivePass’ current and prospective clients about the well-being industry, best and next practices that increase end-user engagement, and providing a stellar employee experience.

"ThrivePass has been developing the Learning and Development Account over the last year," says ThrivePass CEO Jeff Gardner. "Our clients have asked us to help them decrease internal administration, while offering a robust program for employees, and after much research and development, we are happy today to deliver this new product."

ThrivePass believes that well-being is much more than being healthy; it's about the flourishing of the whole person-physically and personally, financially and professionally. Blending state-of-the-art technology and consulting services, ThrivePass enables organizations to create a culture of well-being tailored to the needs and interests of employees.

"We're excited about how the Learning and Development Account will save employers time and money developing their employees," says Gardner. "It provides flexible solutions for companies ranging from tuition reimbursement to online training."

The company is best known for its inventive and forward-thinking wellness benefits and services that include: Helping employees make the most out of each paycheck with flexible benefits for healthcare and commuting, among others; fostering a culture of health with a bounty of well-being options; and rewarding stellar performance with spot gifting and awards for outstanding service.