Communication Barriers to Overcome for Vaccine & Testing Verification

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Although still in flux, The new OSHA regulations will affect all workforce types if passed. This includes in-office employees, remote workers, construction workers, part-time employees, contractors, you name it. We’re here to help you navigate potential communication barriers and the steps to take to overcome them.

Am I able to choose how to disseminate our vaccination policies? Employers have the freedom to communicate with their employees about their internal vaccination policy via the channel(s) that best suit their workforce. Company size and the type of work environment should be considered to ensure each employee receives the information. Companies are encouraged to use methods that prove effective for other mass communications. A few ways to communicate to all employees:  

  • Email. This is most effective for companies that have email addresses for all employees.  
  • Physical mail. Mailings for vaccine verification can be sent to individual employees. Employers should ensure that each employee is able to receive these mailings.  
  • Informational message boards. If a workforce type typically receives their information via a message board or message screens, this could prove an effective way to communicate internal company policies around vaccination requirements.  
  • In-person discussion. Company policies can be addressed at a regularly scheduled team meeting. Formal trainings are not required.  

The regulations can be hard to understand. How can I communicate to my workforce at all levels? Employers should communicate the OSHA regulations that highlight the aspects that affect employees. Employees should receive information in the language and literacy level that they best understand. This may mean various versions of communications are provided to employees. Though the regulations are complicated (and lengthy), there are high-level objectives that affect your workforce. We’ve laid those out for you here.

How often do I need to communicate with my workforce about our vaccination policy? Your policy should outline all dates for vaccine and testing verification including compliance deadlines. Frequent reminders are encouraged around your vaccination policy to keep employees updated. No additional action will be required once an employee’s full-vaccinated status is verified. If an employee chooses to not get vaccinated, he/she should be provided all relevant information around weekly testing requirements.  

At ThrivePass, we’re dedicated to communicating to your workforce effectively. Our Vaccine Verification Solution includes ongoing communications based on an employee’s vaccination status (fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, not vaccinated). We verify each submission to ensure you stay compliant. Learn more.