Debit Card Documentation Requirements

IRS rules and regulations that govern the spending accounts and debit cards dictate that transactions must be verified in order to be considered eligible. We understand that it can be frustrating to have to submit documentation after you’ve used your debit card, but the regulations are clear that it is your responsibility to be able to substantiate all transactions. Therefore, please save all documentation in case you need to provide it later.

What if I am unable to submit an EOB?

If you are unable to submit the EOB, submit an itemized statement from the provider that includes all of the following:

Unacceptable Documentation Examples

Most Common Documentation Problems

Card Transaction Approval and Substantiation Process

The information we receive for card transactions is limited to the data collected by the MasterCard system. This system does not provide us the patient’s name, the actual service provided/or name of product purchased, or the date the service was provided. These are all required for plan usage.

*Transactions may be ‘auto substantiated’, meaning submission of receipts is not required, if the employer is using our copay matching, claims feeds, recurring expenses, and/or the Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS) options to auto substantiate card swipes for their participants.

For card transactions that require substantiation, we contact the participant in the following way:

If at anytime during this process:

Balance Due Transactions

How to take care of a transaction that has become a Balance Due. If the participant does not provide valid documentation or the service/item is ineligible they have several options for correcting the balance due: